The City of Valdez opts for Mud Cat 40E dredge

The City of Valdez, Alaska, just took delivery of a Mud Cat® 40E for their wastewater lagoons. photo

The dredge is pumping bio-sludge with a 1.1 specific gravity sitting at 7% solids in-situ, a distance of 600 ft. (183m) with 4 ft. (1.2m) of terminal elevation at a maximum flow of 900gpm into geotextile filter bags. 

The 40E is dredging to a depth of 14 ft. (4.26m) and the HDPE lagoon liner is protected with the Mud Cat 40E’s standard liner protection wheels which safely press the liner down as the cutter removes the sludge down to the bottom of the lagoon. 

Also, the dredge creates an even bottom profile due to its horizontal auger cutterhead which is more efficient for tracking cuts. 

“The City of Palmer, Alaska who has successfully been operating their Mud Cat 40E for three years, referred the City of Valdez to us. We continue to lead the electric remote control dredge sector with by providing the most durable systems in the world that create even bottom profiles and excavate in even parallel cuts creating extremely low turbidity,” said DuWayne Richert, Regional Sales Manager, Ellicott Dredge Technologies, LLC.

The Mud Cat 40E was shipped from EDT’s factory in New Richmond, WI to Port of Seattle, WA and then ferried in a 40 ft. ocean container via Samson Tug and Barge to Port of Valdez, AK which required more logistical planning than most domestic Mud Cat shipments.