Rohde Nielsen to maintain the depth of the Port of Hvide Sande

With the purpose of optimizing the operations and sailing conditions at the port, Port of Hvide Sande and Rohde Nielsen have signed an agreement for future dredging of the port’s entry.

Photo courtesy of Rohde Nielsen

According to the port, the agreement ensures that the planned water depth in the Hvide Sande of a minimum of 7 meters will be even more stable onwards.

“We have, after tendering the task, entered into a very good agreement with Rohde Nielsen, who, by virtue of their extensive experience with dredging, will be able to optimize the dredging of the port,” commented Head of Development Henning Renita Yde, who has been responsible for Port of Hvide Sande navigation conditions for 27 years.

“It has been a difficult decision to outsource the dredging task, which since taking over from Kystdirektoratet in 2014, we have solved very satisfactorily with the dredging vessel Træl and our own employees,” added Henning.

For the Hvide Sande maintenance dredging operations, Rohde Nielsen will use several different dredging vessels, depending on the customer’s needs and the scope of works.