All set for Carnarvon Fascine and Teggs Channel dredging

The Department of Transport Transport WA has just shared an update on the Teggs/Harbour Channel and Fascine Entryway Dredging Project.

Photo courtesy of the Shire of Carnarvon

According to DoT, the dredge is in the water and ready to commence dredging and sand spit reclamation next week (17th July).

Dredging of the more exposed Teggs Channel will be undertaken first during winter when the local weather conditions are favourable.

The more sheltered dredging of the Fascine Entryway will follow the completion of works in Teggs Channel and is forecast to commence in September/October 2023.

The dredged material will be primarily deposited on the Babbage Island Spit and used to reconstruct the natural dune system to reduce the risk of the spit breaching in the future.

Any excess dredge spoil for dune reconstruction will be disposed at the secondary disposal location which includes Pelican Point or the Harbour Road Reclamation area, west of Harbour Road.

The Carnarvon Fascine and Teggs Channel project is forecasted for completion in late 2023.