Boskalis deploys TSHD Strandway on two jobs simultaneously

In port city Rotterdam, Boskalis simultaneously deploys its trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Strandway for both land reclamation and port maintenance on behalf of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam Authority and Rijkswaterstaat.

Boskalis photo

In the Rijnhaven in the city center, the Strandway is working together with the spray pontoon Steenbok to reclaim land, which will become a promising location for housing and recreation.

Boskalis executes the work only during the day to minimize inconvenience to the surrounding area.

The 1.2 million cubic meters of sand needed in the Rijnhaven is being extracted off the Dutch coast.

The Strandway sails daily to the sand borrow area for this purpose, dredging the Maasmond fairway to the Port of Rotterdam on the way.

Removing silt keeps the channel at the required depth and the port accessible for the largest seagoing vessels.

“The optimal deployment of the Strandway therefore allows us to efficiently combine two different projects. This not only shortens the overall execution time, but is also more sustainable because we deploy fewer dredging vessels,” said the company.