EDDY Pump partners with EZ CONNECT Floats

EDDY Pump Corporation, involved in pump and dredge equipment manufacturing, has partnered with EZ CONNECT Floats, a manufacturer of innovative patented float products.

ezconnectfloats.com photo

Through this partnership, EDDY Pump will leverage EZ CONNECT Floats’ expertise and experience in designing adjustable and versatile hose, pipe, and cable float solutions for different industries.

Ben Weinrib, CEO of EDDY Pump Corporation, said, “The collaboration between EDDY Pump and EZ CONNECT Floats brings immense benefits to both our companies and valued customers.”

“We ensure versatile and reliable solutions for various applications with EZ Connect Floats’ patented one-size-fits-all modular floats for pipes, hoses, and cables. Whether it’s marine construction, lake dredging, lagoon dredging, mining, sewage water treatments, or oil and gas operations, these floats deliver consistent performance.”

Jay Walters, CEO of EZ CONNECT Floats, added: “This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey to enhance customer satisfaction. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of excellence and offer unparalleled value.”