Microdredging considered for Lions Weir project

The Lions Weir project in Boddington, which will look to remove sediment from the Town Pool area and enable recreational use, is progressing behind the scenes.

Shire of Boddington photo

A meeting was held recently with an experienced engineer to inspect and discuss the weir wall’s structural integrity. Fortunately, the wall is stable for now, with only a small amount of water escaping through it. This will be monitored as the water level drops in the warmer months, said the Shire of Boddington.

Recommendations from the engineering assessment include maintenance of the Fish Ladder, removing high rocks, ensuring an even surface of large rocks downstream, and investigating the condition of the concrete screed face and water flow under the weir toe.

“An idea to mitigate future silt build-up is being considered, involving a “sluice gate” opening in the wall, however this option will be assessed for cost effectiveness against more regular sediment removal through dredging,” said the Shire.

Microdredging, which pumps sediment into tubes, seperating the solids and returning the clear liquid back to the waterway, is being considered.

A detailed survey will shortly be conducted to allow the silt build up to be thoroughly assessed and compared to 2019 data. This will provide information sufficient to determine the ultimate costs of the project, said the Shire.