Another Boskalis invention nominated for the IADC Safety Award

Boskalis rotating “safety observer” programme has been nominated to receive the IADC Safety Award 2023.

Photo courtesy of Boskalis

Boskalis has developed a learning-by-doing programme to develop safety leadership on board its trailing suction hopper dredger, Oranje.

Named the NINA “Expedition”, the programme aims to raise the level of safety by each month giving the role of “safety observer” to a different crew member.

The role of the safety observer is to directly report unsafe situations/tools/equipment to the Dredge Master and/or the 2nd Mate. The idea is that they discuss the situation directly to find a solution.

Other crew members can also inform the safety observer about unsafe situation and incidents. The Dredge Master and/or 2nd Mate will report any action in the monthly work order under Nina Expedition.

In addition, every week the safety observer will choose a safety toolbox from the NINA (No Injuries, No Accidents) safety toolbox and acting as the trainer, discuss the topic with the other crew members.

By making the safety observer a well-known and recognised role on board, it will help in the engagement of all crew members, regardless of rank, nationality or gender, to join the safety conversation and to be heard.

The programme has been running for over a year on board the Oranje and is proving very successful. It has created a sense of leadership among the entire crew as well as recognition and appreciation for the role by all.