EA reinforcing major section of embankment on the River Aire

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A £4 million project to protect more than 170 residential and other properties from the risk of flooding at Airmyn near Goole is now complete, reports the Environment Agency.

Photo courtesy of the Environment Agency

The EA has worked to reinforce a major section of embankment on the River Aire, using rock armour and sheet piles to prevent the existing bank from collapse and future erosion.

The work started in Autumn 2022 after the riverbank was found to be eroding in front of existing flood defences at the village of Airmyn.

As part of the work over 180 sheet piles, each 9.5m long, were installed in the ground to stop any potential collapse of the riverbank. Finally, 6,000 tonnes of rocks have then been placed on the riverbank to prevent future erosion.

All of the work was completed using boats and specialist floating equipment placed in the river to allow safe access and minimise disruption to the local community.