Versatile and efficient Dragflow cable dredge delivered to West Africa

Dragflow SRL, an Italian manufacturer of dredging equipment, has delivered a state-of-the-art cable dredge to a client in West Africa.

Photo courtesy of Dragflow

Equipped with a hydraulic pump model HY400 with a capacity of up to 3000 m3/h, the dredge features a user-friendly design that enables operators to navigate its functions efficiently.

Moreover, its remarkable ability to operate at significant depths has opened up new possibilities for high-depth dredging.

“Our recent success in West Africa underscores the revolutionary advantages of our dredging equipment. As we persist in our innovative efforts, we remain unwavering in our commitment to delivering solutions that redefine the limits of what is possible in the dredging industry,” the company said.

One of the key features that truly highlights the prowess of this dredge is its adaptability. It was seamlessly installed in the waters of a dam, underlining its versatility in different aquatic environments.