USACE Los Angeles meeting focuses on Civil Works projects

John Moreno, programs director for USACE South Pacific Division, discussed project updates with Los Angeles District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ employees at the district’s command conference room in downtown LA recently.

USACE photo

Discussion focused on the Civil Works projects (including Navigation, and International and Interagency Services domains), including the Surfside-Sunset Orange County Beach Erosion Control Project, Encinitas and Solana Beach Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project, LA River Ecosystem Restoration Project, flood risk-reduction improvements along the Little Colorado River near Winslow, Arizona and others.

The Encinitas-Solana Beach Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project, involves placing 700,000 cubic yards of dredged sand along 7,200 feet of beach in Solana Beach and 340,000 cubic yards of sand along 7,800 feet of beach in Encinitas.

The project will widen the beaches to reduce storm damage, improve safety, and expand recreational benefits for the public.

The LA Ecosystem Restoration project involves restoring 11 miles of the Los Angeles River from approximately Griffith Park to downtown Los Angeles, while maintaining existing levels of flood risk management.