New Italdraghe multifunctional dredger launched in Italy

Another multifunctional dredger from the Italdraghe fleet was commissioned and launched in Italy recently.

Italdraghe photo

“The self-propelled multipurpose dredger was specifically designed by our highly-qualified technical team for Montecorice City Council for the protection of the marine environment and for the maintenance and cleaning of the touristic Port of Agnone – exclusive southern Italian destination on the enchanting Cilento coastline,” said Italdraghe.

Italdraghe photo

Italdraghe has developed the multifunctional amphibious dredger in order to perform all shallow water work from dry ground to water and marshy⁄muddy soils.

This dredger is specifically designed for multi purposes work with only one machine – water work, for working from the land side, suction dredging, excavating, raking and pile-driving.