Petaluma dredging and dock restoration project enters final phase

The City of Petaluma, California, has begun work on the final phase (Phase 3) of the Turning Basin Dock Restoration project.

Photo courtesy of the City of Petaluma

According to the City, the docks at the Petaluma River Turning Basin are coming back and they’re going to be better than ever. Construction of the new docks will begin in mid-October and will continue through January 2024.

The aging docks within the Turning Basin on the river between the back of the River Plaza shopping center and Weller Street were removed in 2022 to allow for dredging.

This dredging campaign improved watercraft access to the entire marina as well as provide better clearance for using the Petaluma City’s docks.

The City also announced that they are working to secure funding and obtain permits for a more comprehensive dredging project at the Marina.

This future Marina dredging project will recover the full operational water depth at the Marina for boating safety, navigation, and Marina operations, which will facilitate higher tenant occupancy and capacity.

In addition, the City is setting aside money for new and maintenance dredging projects along the Petaluma River, including under the City docks located on the Southwest side of the Turning Basin.