California DWR, River Partners join forces on Sacramento River project

As climate extremes continue to challenge water management, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is working with partners across the state to implement floodplain restoration projects that provide flood protection to communities and benefits for endangered species and natural habitat. photo

With DWR’s assistance, River Partners and American Rivers will begin work on the restoration of over 1,000 acres of historical floodplain on the Sacramento River that will provide flood protection, enhance and expand critical habitat for fish and wildlife, and increase climate resilience in rural communities in Yolo and Sacramento counties.

The community, conservation leaders, state, federal and local officials, on October 18, joined DWR and representatives from River Partners and American Rivers to celebrate the project’s benefits and quick planning and execution.

Work will begin to immediately restore 200 acres of floodplain, said DWR.

Funding for this project was provided through the Central Valley Tributary Program, which awards Proposition 1 funds to projects that provide multi-benefit flood risk reduction to address flood risk for urban and small communities in the Central Valley.

To date, the Central Valley Tributary Program has awarded $32.9 million for local assistance and direct investment in flood plain restoration and flood protection projects.