Gulf Shores beach restoration: Two dredgers for maximum efficiency

The long-anticipated beach restoration project is now officially underway, the City of Gulf Shores said. photo

This vital initiative is geared towards mending the damage the city, Gulf State Park, and the City of Orange Beach sustained during Hurricane Nate and Hurricane Sally.

“The project is expected to progress swiftly in Gulf Shores with minimal disruption,” said the city.

“Crews will be hard at work 24/7, utilizing two dredging vessels for maximum efficiency. An impressive 18,500 cubic yards of sand will be restored to our beaches daily.”

Here’s the current project schedule:

  • October 20 – The contractor has already begun equipment mobilization at the beach, pipes set up at various beach accesses,
  • November 1 – Dredging commences east of Little Lagoon Pass, targeting the most eroded areas first,
  • November 27 – Dredging starts west of Little Lagoon Pass, extending to the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge. Concurrently, restoration efforts continue in beach areas east of Little Lagoon Pass, stretching to the Gulf State Park,
  • January 1 – Dredging and restoration will be wrapped up within Gulf Shores City Limits, extending further to encompass the Gulf State Park and Orange Beach.