Major dredging project on the way for Murrells Inlet

Georgetown County is seeking a permit from the US Army Corp of Engineers for the most extensive dredging project ever for Murrells Inlet.

Photo courtesy of USACE

The proposed work consists of new work and maintenance dredging and discharging sediment in a proposed nearshore (open water) disposal site using a hydraulic pipeline.

In detail, the applicant is planning to dredge approximately 754,616 cubic yards of sediment from a total of 16.49 miles of natural creeks and man-made channels.

The work is to be completed in three phases. Around 250,000 cubic yards of sediment will be dredged each year (between November 1 and March 31) using a hydraulic cutterhead.

The deadline for sending comments on the proposed dredging project is November 30, 2023.