Work on Calcasieu River CDF-7 dike construction moves ahead

RIGID Constructors LLC crews are moving forward with the Calcasieu River and Pass CDF-7 Dike Construction project. photo

“In collaboration with the Army Corps of Engineers, we’re shaping a more resilient future in Calcasieu Parish through the CDF-7 project,” said the company.

So far, RIGID team moved 650,000 levee yards of dredge spoil material, not only expediting levee construction but also lowering costs for the client.

This initiative maximizes the life of placement sites and significantly reduces the need for additional real estate.

“As we continue to build a better tomorrow, we’re also constructing a vital perimeter dike, extending over 12,000 linear feet. This comprehensive approach, reducing the need for future dike raising, embodies our commitment to sustainable practice,” said the company.