Gebhard Electro to equip zero-emission dredgers

Gebhard Electro has just announced that they will be engineering and supplying the electrical installation for Kenmare’s new electric mining dredgers.

Photo courtesy of Royal IHC

Earlier this year, IHC Mining secured an order from Kenmare Resources for the construction and delivery of two large customised mining dredgers.

Gebhard Electro will be responsible for the entire electrical system, including system integration, high voltage installation, E-Drive-System and electric motors.

With a total installed power of 6.800kVa, these will be one of the largest electric dredgers the company has been involved in to date.

This project supports Gebhard’s goal to contribute to zero-emission vessels. With these dredgers being powered by the local grid, they will operate on zero emission,” said Managing Director Gerard Kraaij.

As they are electrically powered by using renewable hydro-electric power, these dredgers will also contribute to Kenmare’s goal of reducing the carbon footprint of their operations.