Maaungoodhoo harbor development in full swing

The harbor development works at Maaungoodhoo island of Shaviyani atoll are well underway.

MTCC photo

This information was revealed by the contractor – Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) on Sunday.

In the latest project update, MTCC said that the Maaungoodhoo harbor development reached overall 53 pct progress so far.

Under this $3.7 million program, the company has already completed the construction of a quay wall block.

Additionally, MTCC will be involved in:

  • 59,013cbm of major dredging operations,
  • 3,245cbm of channel dredging works,
  • construction of a 362m breakwater;
  • a 312m quay wall;
  • a 105m revetment;
  • installation of 1,509sqm harbor pavement, construction of a ramp and concrete jetty,
  • installation of harbor lights and mooring buoys, etc.