CoastWA grants: Government to fund $3.6M to safeguard WA’s coastline

Applications are now open for more than $3.6 million in CoastWA grants to plan and manage Western Australia’s 20,000-kilometre coastline now and for the future, the Government of Western Australia said.

John Carey facebook photo

CoastWA supports planning, managing and adapting to the impacts of coastal hazards to ensure long-term sustainable land use and development on the coast.

Grants are targeted to help coastal land managers prepare and implement plans and strategies, and partner with community groups to undertake on-ground management activities.

A combined amount of $3.6 million is available through:

  • Coastwest grants – up to $60,000 for projects that support education, conservation and protection of coastal areas;
  • Coastal Management Plan Assistance Program grants – up to $200,000 to assist coastal land managers in preparing strategies and management plans;
  • Coastal Adaptation and Protection (CAP) grants – up to $400,000 for projects that preserve or enhance coastal assets for the community and support adaptation to coastal hazards; and
  • Hotspot Coastal Adaptation and Protection (H-CAP) grants – up to $1.660 million to design and implement works on major projects at coastal erosion hotspots.

Since 2020, our Government has invested more than $20.6 million in 227 projects that plan for, manage and protect our coastline against the increasing impacts of our changing climate,” said Planning Minister John Carey.

“This important funding to coastal projects across the State will ensure we can sustainably manage the threats and pressures on our diverse but fragile coastline.”

Applications close at midday on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.