More sand for the Texel beaches

Rijkswaterstaat is once again performing regular maintenance of the Texel coastline, this time at the Southwest portion of the island.

Photo courtesy of Rijkswaterstaat

The Texel beach nourishment campaign will take place from March to May 2024. This includes dredging and pumping around 810,000m3 of sand onto the beach, between the beach posts 9 and 12.

Over the years, Rijkswaterstaat has delivered millions of m3 of sand to protect the vulnerable part of the coastline.

The sand for the Texel beach nourishment campaign comes from the North Sea, 10 to 12km off the coast. Special equipment, ‘trailing suction hopper dredgers’ suck up this sand from the seabed and discharge the material on the coast via pipeline, after which bulldozers spread the sand evenly across the beach.