BREAKING NEWS: ZPMC to build new 25,000m³ dredger for CCCC Shanghai

Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (Group) Co. (ZPMC) held a signing ceremony for a 25,000m³ dredger for CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau Limited on March 18, 2024.

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In September 2023, China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC) signed a design contract for three ultra-large suction dredgers with CCCC Dredging Group’s Tianjin Waterway Bureau, Shanghai Waterway Bureau and Guangzhou Waterway Bureau.

The design contract includes:

  • one 30,000m³ dredger to be built for CCCC Tianjin Waterway Bureau,
  • one 25,000m³ dredger for CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau ,
  • one 35,000m³ dredger for CCCC Guangzhou Waterway Bureau.

The maximum dredging depth of the new dredger is 120 meters.

According to China Association of The National Shipbuilding Industry (CANSI), the vessel will be widely used in deep-sea sand extraction and coastal deep-water harbor channel dredging operations and coastal maintenance projects.

The suction dredger is set to be equipped with a new-generation intelligent monitoring and integrated management platform developed completely independently in China.