Interview with Bella Wang (HID Dredging): Addressing the challenges by prioritizing adaptability

The last decade witnessed an increasing level of attention to sustainability and sustainable development across all sectors all over the world, including the dredging industry.

Also, the dredging industry has vital roles in the global sustainability transition and the dredging community has to work on improving the image and reputation of this sector.

Ms. Bella Wang

Sustainable dredging means acting in a way that is not harmful to the planet, preserves natural resources, and thus supports long-term ecological balance.

One of the companies deeply involved in finding solutions and bringing new products for a better marine environment to the dredging and coastal protection markets is HID Dredging.

A couple of days ago, Dredging Today took an opportunity to talk about creating sustainable solutions for many of the above mentioned issues with Ms. Bella Wang, General Manager, Global Sales at HID Dredging.

DT: The last couple of years were challenging around the globe in many ways, how did your company sail through that period and what can we expect from HID in 2024?

Ms. Bella Wang: HID’s senior management has adjusted a series of strategic strategies. Address these challenges by prioritizing adaptability, innovation and customer focus.

We focus on the upgrading of product technology, use advanced technology to enhance market competitiveness, and maintain open communication channels with customers to understand their changing needs. As well as strengthening the cohesion and cooperation spirit of internal teams. This enables us to maintain steady growth in an uncertain environment.

As for the future, our company will continue to be committed to technological innovation and services. We will continue to continuously upgrade our products and solutions to meet the changing needs of the market. We will also continue to seek to expand global markets and establish closer cooperative relationships with partners.

In 2024, you can expect us to launch more innovative products, complete one-stop solutions, and provide a higher level of customer service to win the favor of customers around the world. We will continue to work hard to maintain steady growth and create more value for our customers.

DT: We would like to find out more about the solutions that HID team is currently working on, can you provide an insight on this?

Ms. Bella Wang: Of course, we are more than happy to introduce you to the dredging solutions we are currently developing. Our team is committed to developing efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly dredging technologies to meet our customers’ needs for water desilting and maintenance. Our dredging solutions cover a variety of technologies and equipment, including mechanical dredging, unmanned automated dredging, environmentally friendly dredging, etc.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a full range of solutions, from project planning and design to implementation and subsequent maintenance, ensuring the sustainable management and utilization of waters.

Our team continues to carry out product innovation and research and development, and contracts with famous universities across the country and researchers at home and abroad to respond to the needs of different types of waters and projects.

We focus on technological advancement and sustainability, while also taking environmental protection and social responsibility into consideration. By working closely with our customers, we strive to provide customized dredging solutions to meet their specific needs and objectives.

DT: A HID heavy duty CSD-7525 Model cutter suction dredger (CSD) was launched in the Maldives recently. Can you expand a bit more about this project?

Ms. Bella Wang: HID’s new generation Cutter Suction Dredger CSD750(HID-CSD-7525Model) was sold to a Maldives customer, Maldives Transport & Contracting Company Plc.

HID provides a complete dredging package, which includes a set of dredge vessels, workboats, ship transportation, training of the crew on location as well as dredge spares to facilitate maintenance duties.

The powerful dredger was extensively inspected at the HID Shipyard by the owners’ representatives. After various tests on the systems, the technical acceptance was signed and the CSD750 was delivered to Maldives. The dredger was successfully launched and started working in February 2024.

photo courtesy of HID

The client, Maldives Transport & Contracting Company Plc (MTCC), which is currently the longest-serving public company in the Maldives, offers a diverse range of services such as construction and project management services, logistical operations, modern transport services, engineering, and docking services. They already deployed this CSD750 cutter suction dredger, which is the largest CSD in the HID Shipyard cutter suction dredger series, for a port expansion project. Its main activity will be performing dredging operations on channel dredging, port development, and expansion in the Maldives.

The dredger can work in water depths up to -22 m. Incorporates a submerged dredge pump, which works in series with the inboard dredge pump. In total 4612 kW of installed power ensures an impressive discharge distance and dredge production of 7,000 m3/h on average.

The distinctive CSD750 is a brand-new type of dismountable dredger, the dredger has a cutter power of 700 kW, is more productive, more efficient, more sustainable, and safer for open sea operations, specifically for cutting hard soils, coral reefs, and rocks.

DT: HID has launched the 4th Generation Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger in Kazakhstan and Indonesia. What does that mean for HID?

Ms. Bella Wang: For HID, the launch of the fourth-generation amphibious multi-purpose dredger in the Kazakh and Indonesian markets means the following:

1. Market Expansion: With the launch of the fourth-generation amphibious multi-purpose dredger, HID can further expand its presence in the Kazakh and Indonesian markets. These vessels have more advanced technology and features to meet the needs of the local market and provide more efficient and flexible dredging solutions.

2. Technology leadership: The fourth-generation amphibious multi-purpose dredger represents HID’s leading position in technology. These vessels may feature the latest designs and processes with higher dredging efficiency, greater adaptability, and lower environmental impact, enabling HID to stand out in a highly competitive market.

3. Brand presence: By launching the fourth-generation amphibious multi-purpose dredger in Kazakhstan and Indonesia, HID can increase its brand awareness and presence in these markets. This helps increase customer trust in HID products and services, further expanding market share and business growth.

4. Potential cooperation opportunities: The launch of the fourth-generation amphibious multi-purpose dredger may bring more cooperation opportunities for HID. Local governments and businesses may be interested in these advanced vessels and work with HID on dredging projects or other related works, thus bringing more business opportunities and partners to HID.

Overall, the launch of the fourth-generation amphibious multi-purpose dredger for HID means market expansion, technology leadership, brand influence, and potential collaboration opportunities. This will help HID achieve better performance and growth in the Kazakhstan and Indonesian markets.

DT: Over the past decade, Chinese dredging companies have increased their market share in the world outside of China from 7 to 21 pct. In Africa, they have even managed to double their market share from 28 to 56 pct. What is your opinion on this matter?

Ms. Bella Wang: This impressive growth trend shows that Chinese dredging companies have made remarkable progress in the international market over the past decade. Here are some perspectives on this phenomenon:

1. Improvement of technical strength: China Dredging Company has continuously improved its technical strength and capability in the past ten years, through the introduction of advanced dredging equipment and technology, as well as active research and development and innovation, making it more competitive in the international market.

2. Increasing demand in the world market: With the development of the global economy and the growth of trade, the demand for dredging of ports, waterways and waterways is also increasing. Chinese dredging companies are able to meet the needs of these markets and provide high-quality dredging services, thus gaining a larger share in the international market.

3. Promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative: China actively promotes the Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen cooperation with other countries, including infrastructure construction and port development. Chinese dredging companies have played an important role in this initiative, enhancing their position and share in the international market by participating in port and waterway dredging projects in various countries.

4. Price competitiveness: Chinese dredging companies have high price competitiveness in the international market and can provide relatively low-cost and high-quality services. This makes them more attractive internationally, winning more contracts and market share.

In general, Chinese dredging companies have achieved significant growth in the international market over the past decade, which reflects the improvement of their technological strength, the increase in global market demand, and the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative promoted by the Chinese government. This is an important development opportunity for Chinese dredging companies and also provides an opportunity to consolidate and enhance.

photo courtesy of HID

DT: Which markets are currently in the focus of your company, and do you have plans to expand your business areas?

Ms. Bella Wang: We will focus more on the following three markets:

Ports and waterways dredging market: Ports and waterways are important nodes for trade and shipping and dredging companies may focus on providing dredging services for ports and waterways to ensure the safe passage of vessels and smooth transportation of cargo.

River and inland waterways dredging market: Rivers and inland waterways are key to inland transportation and water resource utilization and dredging companies may focus on providing dredging services for rivers and inland waterways to maintain unobstructed waterways and sustainable use of water resources.

Coast and beach dredging market: Coast and beach are an important part of tourism and ecological environment and dredging companies may focus on providing dredging services for the coast and beach to maintain the stability of the coastline and the beauty of the beach.

Our company has strong plans to expand business areas, based on our company’s strategy and market needs. Our company will consider expanding its business areas, such as Marine engineering, environmental remediation, land development and other fields, in order to adapt to market changes and increase the diversity of business.