Harder: $2.75M for flood control project to protect Stockton

California Representative Josh Harder said that that he secured $2.7 million for the Stockton Metropolitan Area Project Reimbursement which will go directly to the Lower San Joaquin River Flood Control Project.

photo courtesy of Representative Josh Harder fb

This Community Project Funding (CPF) will go towards completing this vital project to protect Stockton from flooding.

In the greater Stockton area, 300,000 residents, critical infrastructure, and billions of dollars of property are exposed to potential flooding from the San Joaquin River, Calaveras River and Bay Delta.

The Lower San Joaquin River Flood Control Project is estimated to reduce annual property damage by 84% while improving security at 262 critical infrastructure sites, including 12 that are essential to public safety.

The project will include 23 miles of levee improvements and two closure structures, one at Fourteenmile Slough and the other at Smith Canal.

According to USACE, the levee improvements include cutoff walls, deep soil mixing (seismic), a new levee, levee geometry improvements and erosion protection.

Non-structural measures include nonstructural features, such as Comprehensive Flood Warning Emergency Evacuation Planning and Floodplain Management.