Royal IHC Pumps and Slurry Transportation course next week

The classroom is ready for the Royal IHC Pumps and Slurry Transportation course, taking place April 22-25, 2024 at the IHC shipyard in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands.

Photo courtesy of Royal IHC

Next week, IHC will welcome 14 participants representing 5 companies located in 4 countries: United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Australia and the Netherlands.

In this immersive program, attendees will delve into the complexities of pumping slurry, emphasizing hydraulic transport through centrifugal pumps and pipeline systems. With a practical and case-driven approach, IHC course is crafted for individuals with a high level of technical education.

The four-day course will focus on different aspects of the pump and slurry process, such as:

  • slurry pump and drive characteristics;
  • dynamic effects (pump and drives);
  • pipeline systems;
  • the interaction between pump, drive and pipelines;
  • the influence of solid particles;
  • dynamic effects in the pump – pipeline systems;
  • the fundamentals of hydraulic transportation and dredge pumps.