Sealevel Construction nabs HNC Lock Complex project

Sealevel Construction has won the $315 million contract for the HNC Lock Complex project, an integral part of the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection System, the South Louisiana Economic Council (SLEC) said.

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Located adjacent to the Bubba Dove Floodgate, the HNC Lock Complex is designed to manage marine traffic during high water events and extend the operational periods of floodgate closures, which helps prevent saltwater intrusion.

The project will involve dredging, deep foundations, cofferdams, structural concrete and steel, electrical tie-ins, and rip rap placement.

Sealevel Construction’s involvement in the HNC Lock Complex project reflects their strong commitment to enhancing the infrastructure that protects our region,” said Vic Lafont, President and CEO of SLEC.

“Their expertise is crucial in developing solutions that strengthen the Bayou Region’s resilience against natural disasters, contributing significantly to our regional economic stability.”

According to SLEC, projects like the HNC Lock Complex are essential for strengthening the Bayou Region’s resilience and ability to withstand natural weather events, ensuring both safety and economic stability.