Jan De Nul acquires new spray pontoon DN178

Jan De Nul Group has acquired a new spray pontoon built by shipbuilder Motas that will be mainly used for land reclamation projects.

Photo courtesy of JDN

The pontoon represents an investment in Jan De Nul Group’s fleet of auxiliary vessels. With it, the company ensures that projects such as land reclamation and protection against coastal erosion are fully customised.

A first adaptation compared to the older generation of spray pontoons is the addition of movable spray pipes. Thanks to their adjustable height, these nozzles cause less cloud formation when spraying sand and allow sand layers to be placed more precisely.

Furthermore, the spray pontoon is equipped with stronger winches and improved anchorage, allowing it to work on a larger area as well as place the delivered sand quicker.

This allows DN178 to cooperate with the latest generation of jumbo trailing suction hopper dredgers, such as Christóbal Colón and Leiv Eriksson. Innovative automations such as pontoon steering support this cooperation.