Jan De Nul: 2023 exceeds expectations

Jan De Nul Group said that heir turnover continued to grow to 2.9 billion euro in 2023, a record in the history of the Group.

photo courtesy of Jan De Nul

This led to an increase in EBITDA with 39% to 610 million euro or 21% on turnover, globally resulting in a strong profit of 296 million euro.

These growth figures were achieved in a balanced manner through various innovative projects and reflect the operational efficiency of our teams across all divisions. This despite the current economic and geopolitical turmoil in several parts of the world,” said Jan De Nul.

77% of Jan De Nul Group’s turnover was achieved by its maritime divisions

Coastal and shore protection, port infrastructure works, maintaining, deepening or widening waterways as well as land reclamation, are key solutions offered by the dredging division of Jan De Nul Group.

In 2023, a multitude of projects was carried out around the world.

Coastal and shore protection works were carried out in Knokke, Belgium, in the form of beach replenishments.

In Bangladesh, Jan De Nul Group continued the capital and maintenance dredging works for the access channels to the new Payra Port.

The Group was also active in the Middle East, amongst others, for the deepening of the access channels to the port of Jebel Dhanna.

In Latin America, the company is operating and maintaining the access channel to the port terminals of Guayaquil in Ecuador, this under a 25-year concession contract.

Port infrastructure works were also carried out in the Port of Gdynia, Poland.