York County dredge arrives in Wells, ME

The York County new dredge has arrived in Wells, Maine, where it will be moored and utilized by the Town and communities throughout the County.

Photo courtesy of the Town of Wells

The County decided to purchase the dredge back in December 2022. It has been housed at Saco Public Works Department for over a year. Wells and York County came to a three year agreement to moor the dredge in Wells.

It was assembled over the past two weeks and launched last Thursday at Portland Yacht Services. The dredge got underway from Portland at 7:30 AM next morning and arrived in Wells Harbor around 2:30 PM, where it will remain moored until utilized.

Wells will have priority of the dredge to complete dredging projects over the next year. The city is happy to house the dredge equipment in the Wells harbor and looks forward to the many improvements that it will allow for.