Dredging plan introduced for Annacis Marine Terminal

Coastland Wood Industries are proposing to undertake maintenance dredging at their Annacis Marine Terminal, located at 404 Salter Street New Westminster.

photo courtesy of portvancouver.com

The dredge area would be approximately 3,015 square metres and the targeted dredge grade would be approximately -3.6 metres chart datum, consistent with previous dredging works,” according to the official announcement.

The total dredge volume is anticipated to be no more than approximately 4,000 cubic metres per year. A clamshell dredge situated on a marine spud derrick is to be used to conduct the works.

Dredge material is set to be disposed of at sea under a valid Disposal at Sea permit, placed upland for later reuse, or disposed in accordance with applicable regulations.

Maintenance dredging is typically conducted every two to three years at this location, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority said.