Fort Pierce beach renourishment project on display

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District has announced the availability of a proposed Finding of No Significant Impact and draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the periodic beach and dune renourishment of the Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, Florida.

Photo courtesy of USACE

The beachfill project is set to take place along 7,000 feet of shoreline extending southward from Fort Pierce Inlet’s south jetty between Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Range-monuments R-34 and R-41.

In addition to beach nourishment, the preferred alternative includes construction of shoreline stabilization structures at the project’s north end (R-34 to R-37) to address severe non-uniform erosion rates.

These structures will include five T-head groins within 1,570 feet of the south jetty, a T- head weir approximately 1,800 feet from the south jetty, and a detached breakwater approximately 2,070 feet from the south jetty.

Additional details on the proposed work are available on the Jacksonville District’s website.