Work kicks off on the Flagler County beach nourishment project

Yesterday, Flagler County (FL) marked the official groundbreaking of the Coastal Storm Risk Management Beach Nourishment project.

Photo courtesy of the Flagler County

The beach nourishment project groundbreaking marks a significant milestone in collective efforts to protect and enhance Flagler’s coastline.

For over a decade, layers of the project (the city, county, state, and national levels) have furthered a commitment to a safer, more resilient coastal environment.

The original project approved in the USACE “Chiefs Report” and signed in 2014 called for 330,000 cubic yards of sand to be taken from the borrow source that is 11.75 miles offshore. The current project – expected to take four months to complete – calls for 1.3 million cubic yards of sand.

Renourishing the combined 3.5 miles of state (Florida Department of Transportation) and federal (United States Army Corps of Engineers) projects marks a crucial step forward in realizing this vision.