IHC General Dredging Course (VIDEO)

This fall, Royal IHC will once again be the host of the 10-day General Dredging Course at their premises in the Netherlands.

View on Youtube.

The program is held at the IHC Training Institute in Kinderdijk from September 16 until 27th, 2024.

According to IHC, the course is beneficial for anyone ready to expand or refresh their dredging knowledge – both technical and non-technical management professionals in dredging-related industries.

The course curriculum consists out of more than in-depth theory training, it also includes several practicums and excursions such as:

  • CSD, TSHD and Backhoe simulator experiences
  • a visit to the dredge desk of Port of Rotterdam
  • a sail around Maasvlakte 2
  • a dredge pump (dis)assembly practicum.

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