TSHD Vox Maxima accident: The next phase of oil spill cleanup underway

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has just released the latest update about the terrible accident when the Netherlands-flagged dredger Vox Maxima struck the fuel supply ship Marine Honor on Friday.

photo courtesy of MPA

The next phase of the clean-up operations has commenced with the additional deployment of various booms and oil recovery systems.

To date, 1.500m of booms have been deployed, and an additional 1.600m will be deployed over the next few days at designated sites to support the containment of accumulated oil to facilitate the clean-up operation off the beaches and shorelines.

Additional booms will also be deployed as a preventive measure off Changi East, said MPA.

photo courtesy of MPA

Last week, the dredger ruptured one of the cargo tanks on the Singapore-flagged Marine Honor, which leaked low-sulfur oil into the sea.

Although the leak has been contained, tides washed the spilled oil that had been treated with dispersants further along the shoreline, including to the popular resort island of Sentosa.

Over 250 workers are involved in the cleanup.

As a precaution, members of the public are advised against swimming at Changi beach and engaging in other primary contact with water activities until further notice, said MPA.