UPDATE on Vox Maxima accident: Removal of bulk oil nears end

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has just released the latest update about the terrible accident when the dredger Vox Maxima struck the fuel supply ship Marine Honor, saying that the removal of bulk oil from the sea and beaches is nearly completed.

photo courtesy of MPA

There has been no observed oil slick along the East Coast and Changi since 18 June based on both satellite and drone images.

Also, the bulk of oil-soaked sand has been removed from most of the affected public beaches, with the exception of Tanjong and Palawan beach at Sentosa.

To date, about 550 tonnes of oil-soaked sand and debris have been collected from all affected beaches. 

We are moving to the next phase of the clean-up response, which is focused on the more difficult clean-up of oil remnants trapped in areas such as coastal features, waterside infrastructures and rock bunds. These areas are not as easily accessible, and oil could be trapped in crevices and below beach surfaces that require significant effort to clean,” said MPA.

photo courtesy of MPA

The new phase will involve specialised resources and equipment.

This cleaning will be done carefully, considering the conditions at each site, such as wind, tide and currents, to minimize the oil on the rock bunds from re-polluting the coastline, beaches, and biodiversity-sensitive areas, said MPA.