Dry Tortugas: Moat dredging project wraps up

Dry Tortugas National Park said that the moat dredging project has been completed ahead of schedule. Both the North Beach and South Beach areas are now open again for visitors.

photo courtesy of NPS

This project began in early March with the purpose of removing sand that was blocking water flow in the moat around Fort Jefferson.

Sand that had accumulated in the moat has been redistributed to the beaches and other areas of Garden Key.

Although the dredging around the finger piers is also complete, the finger piers remain closed to the public. Repairs to these piers will begin in mid-July.

This project is part of a larger initiative to restore water flow in the moat and repair and strengthen Fort Jefferson’s counterscarp (moat wall), ensuring the historic site is protected from future storms.

Next up are the repairs to the moat wall itself, which was damaged by Hurricanes Irma and Ian in 2017 and 2022.