Dredging at Hayle To Be Halted Pending a Full Comprehensive Review by Harbour Master (UK)

The new ‘Hayle Harbour Authority’ has issued a press release announcing that ‘Dredging at Hayle is to be Halted’. Since the dredging license has expired this is a prudent move.

A decision has been taken to halt dredging at Hayle Harbour pending a full comprehensive review by the Harbour Master into the operational needs and the safe operation of the Port.

Mark Capon explained the background: “We have a to keep under review the need to keep the channels clear but I also have to understand how we might best meet the requirements of all our stakeholders whilst discharging our statutory duties and limiting the impact of dredging on the natural environment.”

The decision by the Harbour Master to undertake a comprehensive review means that an application to renew the dredging license has been postponed pending the outcome of the review.


Source: fohh, May 31, 2010;