Commissioners Plan to Dredge Tamsui River (Taiwan)

Eric Chu, the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) candidate for the year-end election in Sinbei City, and Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin of the KMT, who is seeking re-election, yesterday pledged to work together to clean up the Tamsui River.

Accompanied by Taipei County Commissioner Chou Hsi-wei — also of the KMT — Hau and Chu visited the Fujhou Artificial Wetlands by Fuchou Bridge in Taipei County.

The trio promised to dredge the river that runs through Taipei City and Taipei County (soon to be upgraded to Sinbei City). Chu and Chou also denied rumors that they did not get along.

The denial came in the wake of a report in the Chinese-language China Times yesterday that quoted an unnamed adviser to Chu as saying that they did not expect Chou to help them during the election campaign because of strained relations.

Although Chou initially indicated an interest in running in ­Sinbei City, his lackluster performance and falling poll figures saw the KMT nominate Chu instead. Chu denied ever making disparaging remarks about Chou, blaming such report on unsubstantiated media speculation.

Chou laughed off the report, adding that he and Chou were good friends. He said he did not understand why the media was going to such lengths to create dissension between them.

“There is an old saying ‘a dead pig does not fear hot water’ [meaning he doesn’t care],” Chou said.

“I don’t have any expectations about my political career, but I do hope this election will be harmonious and democratic. I don’t think voters want to see politicians bicker with each other or instigate discord,” he said.

Asked whether Chu had invited him to serve as his campaign manager, Chou said it was not important if he was offered a position, as Chu would have his own ideas on how to run the campaign.”

Chu said it was too early to form a campaign team, as he was still familiarizing himself with Sinbei City.


Source: taipeitimes, June 1, 2010;