Dredging Conference in India, Needs & Requirements, Issues & Opportunities

In recent times, dredging activities in ports, both capital and maintenance, have been witnessing a massive demand in India. This is increasingly being driven by the government’s plans of constructing new ports and expanding the existing ones to meet future traffic targets. Use of larger vessels, an increased focus on coastal shipping and inland waterways, and the demand for improved coastal engineering and management are also leading to the growth in demand.

Realising its growth potential, more players are entering the dredging market. Further, the Rs 568 billion National Maritime Development Programme (NMDP) has been providing considerable dredging opportunities by earmarking an amount of about Rs 49 billion for 21 dredging projects at all major ports in the country by 2011-12.

However, the current dredging capacity in India is unable to meet the port demand. The shortage of dredgers has significantly increased dredging costs, almost by 75-80 per cent. Moreover, dredging equipment and machinery need to be technically improved. Environmental challenges also need to be dealt with. The national waterways need to be dredged adequately to improve navigability. There is also a need for technically qualified manpower.

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Source: Indian Infrastructure, July 2, 2010