UK: Sand Will Be Used as a Protection Against Lincolnshire Flood

Coastal communities in Lincolnshire are being protected from flooding as part of a £30m project.

The Environment Agency is using a dredger to pump sand onto 20km (12.5 miles) of beaches.

The aim of the Lincshore scheme is to raise beach levels to prevent waves going over the sea walls.

The agency said it was to help protect 30,000 homes and businesses and 19,000 static caravans between Mablethorpe and Skegness from flooding.

Beaches covered by this year’s scheme are Trusthorpe, Boygrift, Trunch Lane, Chapel Six Marshes, Wolla Bank and Moggs Eye.

Mike Dugher, the Environment Agency’s area coastal manager, said: “The project is reviewed every five years to ensure it remains the best option for protecting homes and businesses from flooding.

“Last year’s review concluded it was and this year marks the start of another five-year programme that will see £30m spent defending the coastline.”

He said the scheme could not guarantee there would be no flooding in the area and advised residents to make sure they knew what to do in an emergency.



Source: bbc, July 23, 2010;