USACE Sued Over Dredging (USA)

An attorney for residents living along the St. Johns River today filed suit in federal court against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers asking for an injunction to stop dredging in the river.

The Corps did maintenance dredging of the river two days in May, removing 8,000 cubic yards of material. Residents believe the dredging caused them to lose their docks and their bulkheads.

Attorney Rob Sullivan, who represents plaintiffs Anne Ebel, and Donald and Brenda Pellegrini, said he filed the lawsuit after a B&W Marine construction report said that Ebel is in danger of serious damage to her home in a month to six weeks unless corrective action is taken to stabilize the soil near it.

The report also said if there’s a substantial storm or hurricane, the damage to her home could be immediate.

Sullivan said the court will scheduled a hearing within 10 days on the injunction.



Source: firstcoastnews, July 23, 2010