Dredger Granulats Vicat France Completed by Idreco GmbH

Idreco deliverd a new ship for the company Vicat in France. This dredger is situated in Ville franch in the neigbourhood of Lyon.

Technical details:

* suctiondepth 18m

* Idreco 400 pump

* 355 Kw motor

* jetpump 280m3/10

* 160 Kw motor

* 22 Kw suction pipe winch

* 4x 5,5 Kw winch

* press distance 100m

* press hight 10m

Production volume 1850m3/h, hard material 700t/h.

Composition material: 40/50% sand 0-2mm en 50/60% gravel 0-180mm.


Source: idreco, August 6, 2010