The 2010 RESON User Conference (USA)

The 2010 RESON User Conference is fast approaching and promises to deliver quality attendance and a wide breadth of informative and innovative technical papers of both practical and scientific nature.

The conference will also demonstrate RESON’s major systems for both Hydrographic and Waterside Security applications will introduce our newest technologies, offer basic and advanced training courses, provide industry exhibits and will also sponsor Technical Working Groups for industry Standards Committees and various national organizations. A Special expert panel will also be assembled to address discussion and presentations related to the recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Special Demonstrations will also be conducted hourly throughout the conference showing RESON’s latest technology. Demonstration tours will leave hourly from the Marina located immediately across the street from the hotel.

The 2010 Conference will also see an expanded breadth of topics covering the following applications:

Hydrography and Bathymetry


Waterside Security and Naval Defense, including MCM, ISR, and Obstacle Avoidance

AUV’s and UUV’s

Marine Sciences

Marine Environmental Studies

Passive Transducer and Hydrophone Applications

RESON/Client Innovation Committee Meeting (by Invitation)


Source: RESON, August 6, 2010