Adventus Group Establishes Joint Venture for European Expansion with S&B Industrial Minerals

Adventus Group, a global remediation technology enterprise, announces that it has signed an agreement for establishment of a joint venture (JV) with S&B Industrial Minerals. The agreement was signed between Adventus Intellectual Property Inc. (Canada based parent company of Adventus Americas Inc. and EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.), and S&B Industrial Minerals GmbH (Germany based affiliate of S&B Industrial Minerals S.A.). Established as Adventus Europe GmbH, the countries to benefit from this initiative include all EU member states as well as Switzerland, Norway, the Russian Federation and other markets in Eastern Europe.

The purpose of the newly formed company is to expedite market adoption of its patented and proprietary portfolio of applied environmental biotechnologies targeting the soil, sediment and groundwater remediation industry. Foremost among these field-proven, Green Remediation approaches are the In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR™) products EHC® and DARAMEND®.

Commenting on the new JV, Dr. Alan Seech, CEO of Adventus Group said “Since our first full-scale European application in 1995 for treatment of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents, Adventus has been active in exploring the wider opportunities in this strategically important region. We believe that the wider European market is ready to positively respond to increased investment in new business development. Furthermore, given the diversity of S&B’s customer set and operational network, we are confident that they are the ideal partner to accelerate this effort.”

Mr. Efthimios Vidalis, CEO of S&B, stated “This new venture fits perfectly with our corporate vision of sustainability and innovation. Building upon S&B existing business, know-how and service capabilities in civil and environmental engineering projects, we diversify now into more specialized and higher value-added environmental applications, based on Adventus’ leading technological expertise in the remediation field. We are very excited about the synergy and growth potential of this new partnership.”

Implementation will be managed by Mr. Mike Mueller, Managing Director of Adventus Europe GmbH. He commented that “Our most important global distribution channel remains the environmental engineering and consulting community. This venture will be focused on helping a diverse and active geographical region address some of their most challenging client sites. Intra-EU manufacturing of our products, complimentary conceptual designs, collaborative risk sharing through performance guarantees, and quantifiable cost savings over competitive offerings are just a few of the differentiating customer benefits we will continue to provide our clients.”

About Adventus Group – Applied Environmental Biotechnologies for the 21st Century.

Adventus Group provides a growing portfolio of leading environmental remediation technologies, including patented offerings from Adventus Americas Inc., and EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. Our business model supports site owners, environmental engineers, consultants, regulators, and the academic community by providing unbiased design, and selection of the most cost-effective remediation strategies. Our proprietary portfolio includes:

* In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR™) technologies:

DARAMEND® for soils, sludges and sediments;

EHC® portfolio of injectable amendments for groundwater;

EHC® -L liquid formulation for wells and other networks;

EHC® -M for immobilization of soluble metal impacts;

A-SOX™ canister delivery system;

ZVI PRBs and related groundwater treatment innovations;

ZVI-Clay for in situ source zone treatment;

EHC-O® oxygen releasing compound for in situ hydrocarbon treatment;

O-SOX™ canister delivery system;

* ISGS™ in situ geochemical stabilization of DNAPL;

* AquaBlok® for in situ sub-aqueous capping and treatment of sediments;

* AquaBlok+™ for capping and treatment of impacted sediments;

* HoleBlok+™ down-well, low-permeability sealant;

* mGCW™ microbiologically enhanced Groundwater Circulation Wells;

* Modeling Services for optimization of remedial designs and strategies.

About S&B Industrial Minerals.

S&B is an international Group of companies, its purpose being to provide innovative industrial solutions by developing and transforming natural resources into value creating products. Utilizing the multiple properties of industrial minerals, S&B offers a portfolio of customized solutions for a broad range of applications (including foundry, iron & steel-making, construction & building materials, environmental engineering, horticulture, drilling, absorbents and specialty chemicals), operating responsibly and adhering to the sustainable development principles of the triangle: economy – society – environment. It holds leading positions in its main sectors (bentonite, perlite, bauxite and casting fluxes). S&B was established in Greece in 1934, is listed on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX: ARBA), is active in 20 countries across 5 continents with a Group turnover of Euro 336 million in 2009, and employs approximately 2,000 people worldwide.


Source: prweb, August 12, 2010