DHV Develops Plans for Nine Ports in Kuwait

Consultancy and engineering firm DHV is currently developing plans for nine ports in Kuwait. The project has been commissioned by the Kuwait Ports Authority and involves the redevelopment of three existing ports in Kuwait City, as well as six new facilities along the 300 kilometer long coastline.

“Kuwait has always had a very strong relationship with the sea but has limited berthing capacity for certain types of vessel”, states Michiel de Jong, Senior Project Manager for DHV. “In particular, there has been a significant upsurge in recreational usage, but the availability and quality of facilities such as yacht marinas have failed to keep pace.”

DHV’s plans also address the needs of the fishing industry. “Fish for the local market is caught from small open boats and the traditional dhows”, De Jong continues. “There is a pressing need for better facilities, both for handling the catches and for boat maintenance.”

The new coastal ports will also be suitable for ferries serving the offshore islands and for the boats used by government departments.

DHV is undertaking this project in association with the Dutch consultancy KuiperCompagnons and a local partner, SIEF Engineering Consultants. Recent months have been devoted to the production of an integrated coastal master plan for all nine ports. The Kuwait Ports Authority sees the project as the fulfillment of a long-cherished desire to strengthen the traditional ties between the local communities and the sea. It has warmly welcomed the ideas included in the master plan which will make this possible.

Negotiations are currently being held with the Kuwaiti government to identify and acquire the most suitable locations for the new ports. The plans for each individual port can then be elaborated. “This stage will involve producing the reference design, the Program of Requirements and the specifications”, explains De Jong.



Source: dhv, September 15, 2010