The Netherlands: IHC Parts & Services and Bakker Sliedrecht Expand Successful Collaboration

IHC Parts & Services, part of IHC Merwede has announced a new joint agreement with Bakker Sliedrecht for the condition monitoring of dredging vessels. This will see the two companies combining forces to supply a unique range of specialist and high-quality services to customers that in turn will enable them to reduce their operational costs.

IHC Parts & Services and Bakker Sliedrecht can already look back on one year of successful collaboration. In 2009, the first agreement was signed for the maintenance of electrical systems of dredging operations on IHC-built vessels in China.

The new agreement enables both companies to optimise the support of customers’ dredging operations. By combining the expertise of IHC Merwede and Bakker Sliedrecht, a unique knowledge base for the design, build and worldwide operation of electrical systems has been created to deliver direct value to customers. IHC Parts & Services and Bakker Sliedrecht will assume joint responsibility for all other measurements and analyses.

The complete range of methods for condition monitoring of dredging equipment is an integral part of the total IHC life-cycle support programme offered by the IHC Merwede group. Condition monitoring enables technicians to periodically observe and analyse any important installations onboard for such variables as electrical or vibration measurements.

These readings mean that the dredging operation and corresponding wear of the dredging equipment are more predictable and therefore unexpected downtime can be avoided. The knowledge and experience of IHC Merwede as the designer and builder of innovative dredging vessels and advanced equipment – combined with the expertise of its partners – result in unique monitoring services for customers.

Company profile IHC Merwede

IHC Merwede is focussed on the continuous development of design and construction activities for the specialist maritime sector. It is the global market leader for efficient dredging and mining vessels and equipment – with vast experience accumulated over decades – and an outstanding supplier of custom-built ships and supplies for offshore construction.

IHC Merwede has in-house expertise for engineering and manufacturing innovative vessels and advanced equipment, as well as providing life-cycle support. Its integrated systematic approach has helped to develop optimum product performance and long-term business partnerships. The company’s broad customer base includes dredging operators, oil and gas corporations, offshore contractors and government authorities.

IHC Merwede has over 3,000 employees based at various locations in The Netherlands, China, Croatia, France, India, the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

Technological innovation will remain the company’s underlying strength through its continuous investment in research and development. Moreover, it helps to safeguard a sustainable environment.

Company profile Bakker Sliedrecht

For already many years Bakker Sliedrecht is a leading party in the maritime sector. As system integrator Bakker Sliedrecht has a large expertise in designing , executing and condition monitoring of electro-technical installation on board of ships. Besides a large number of dredging vessels also many project were executed in other maritime sectors, such as offshore, marine, research, merchant and inland vessels and fishery. The large experience as well as the expert knowledge and the integral approach always enable the generation of innovative solutions for her principals. This knowledge in the field of drive- and control systems, automation and electro-technical installations also guarantees an excellent, efficient and continuous operation of the delivered electro-technical installations. Also we guarantee a very professional worldwide operating service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Source: IHC Merwede