UK: Largest Upgrade Package Ever From RESON

With a global presence and a huge portfolio of subsea equipment for subsea construction support, the most important thing for Seatronics is a complete range of products, the best products available and the latest technology to offer to their customers.

In November 2010, Seatronics placed an order for 13 upgrades of their SeaBat 7125 ROV versions to the new SeaBat 7125 ROV2 version. Included in the order is also an upgrade of 16 SeaBat 8125 systems that will be upgraded to the SeaBat 8125 Hybrid version.

Besides the investment in high-end shallow and mid water range systems, Seatronics also focus on the low-end shallow water market and can after having purchased the RESON HydroBat Composite, also meet the requirements from this customer segment.

When asked about the partnership with RESON, Managing Director of Seatronics David Currie says:

“With RESON SeaBat systems in our portfolio, we are always certain that clients will find the right solution for their survey and reporting needs. Upgrading a huge part of the almost 50 RESON systems we own will be a good investment both for us but with-out doubt a leap in the right direction for our clients. The enhancements, especially in the software package, saves survey and processing time – essentially that is what it is all about, that our clients spend less time at sea and in their survey room and are certain that they are bringing back good reliable data.

We are looking forward to these upgrades that we are sure will meet our clients expectations. The decision to upgrade was inline with our aim to provide the very latest in technology from the world’s leading manufacturers . Offering our customers the best service with the most upto date equipment. RESON are by far the leading manufacturer in portable multibeam systems used in the offshore industry. These new upgrades have a number of exciting features that will bring benefits to all users in terms of more beams, more data points on target, better quality data and faster processing”.

The upgrade to the SeaBat 7125 ROV2 multibeam system, will improve efficiency and usability for Seatronics customers. Especially the software package has been given full attention and the new SeaBat 7125 ROV2 comes with a new Pipeline Mode which gives an increased number of hits on a pipeline and ensures exact data that improves the data post processing time considerably. An additional included feature is the possibility to have variable swath widths from 45 to 140 degrees. Customers with the need for high data density or increased along track density will benefit from Seatronics new investment. The new software version also allows for beam uncertainty quantification, which significantly will enhance the processing and reporting speed.

Upgrading to SeaBat 8125 Hybrid includes an increased number of equidistant beams up to 512 and variable swath. The 512 beams can be combined with all related survey sensor data to help the CUBE (Combined Uncertainty Bathymetry Estimator) algorithm. This uncertainty output significantly enhances processing speed and will make Seatronics clients more efficient and as end result will save a client valuable time at sea. A powerful feature set such as roll stabilization, high density footprints, high quality data output and fully automated operation which maximizes productivity and efficiency for any Seatronics client going for this ultra high resolution multibeam echosounder.

Upgrading all of these sonar systems will give Seatronics clients advanced user interfaces that makes systems easy to use with a high degree of user control and increased data quality. Such RESON systems also include raw data display water column data output.

Seatronics also focus on clients performing harbour and shallow water surveys. With the new investment in a HydroBat Composite from RESON they are now able to serve clients, which have the need for an easy to use multibeam option that is a complete integrated system including sonar, processor, software and ancillary sensors for data collection and processing. The HydroBat is for near-shore surveys and will be available on Seatronics shelf later this year.

RESON A/S is the holding Company of the RESON Group, with corporate Headquarters in Denmark. RESON is a Global Company that is a world leader in the manufacture of sonar systems with registered trademarks, such as SeaBat and PDS2000, both leading brands within the industry.


Source: seatronics-group, December 8, 2010