Alto Group Holdings Announces Acquisition of Commercial Dredge for Gold Production

Alto Group Holdings, an innovative mining and commodities trade company headquartered in New York, announces, the company completes acquisition of Nessie N8DX cutter head dredge for commercial gold production at a rate of 100 yards per hour.

When using a conservative average grade of 1 gram ($43 dollars) of gold per yard, operating 100 yards per hour, 12 hours per day during a 30-day period should give you a production rate of 36,000 grams or $1,548,000 in gross cash flow monthly. These figures can yield over $9,000,000 in annual cash flow based on extracting 50% of the proposed production rates mentioned above and management is very excited about obtaining this valuable piece of extraction equipment.

Placer gold deposits in rivers occur during long periods of time, draining streams in gold mining areas feed gold rich sediments eroded from the country rocks into rivers systems which contain massive amounts of gold throughout the world. These river valleys are host to many levels of sedimentary terraces that contain gold bearing material which with today’s technology can be successfully extracted at very economical rates with no chemical processes needed.

This Nessie N8DX cutter head dredging equipment will allow the extraction of targeted gold rich sedimentary deposits with the proper recovery circuits being placed behind the main dredge for a seem less production assembly line.


Source: altomines, December 20, 2010