SITEK Group Announces the Largest Implementation of MES-system in Yaroslavl (Russia)

SITEK Group, a provider of adaptive operations execution software solutions for manufacturing organizations in Russia, Europe and CIS, the main Competence center on MES-systems authorized by Siemens, announced the launch of the largest implementation project on MES-systems (Manufacturing Execution Systems) in Russian Federation carried out by Siemens and Avtodizel (Yaroslavl Motor Works), a member of GAZ Group, Russia’s second-largest auto companó.

Siemens AG, the departments of Industry Automation and Drive Technologies, a leading global provider of integrated solutions and management systems for industrial and manufacturing enterprises and Avtodizel (Yaroslavl Motor Works) launched Russia’s largest project introduction of a MES-system on November 22nd, 2010. The project aims to improve optimization of production and reduce costs through better production processes management at Avtodizel (Yaroslavl Motor Works).

The agreement between the parties provides introduction of MCIS (Motion Control Information System) developed by the concern Siemens AG as a corporate standard at Avtodizel (Yaroslavl Motor Works). MCIS is an integrated solution that enables to automate production processes, improve product quality and productivity, reduce downtime, increase production efficiency.

Avtodizel (Yaroslavl Motor Works) opted on the solutions of Siemens MES Software (MCIS) after careful analysis and consideration of the leading players of the MES-solutions world market. SITEK Group ; certified Competence center for implementation of MES-systems for discrete manufacturing and their integration with ERP and PLM-systems in the production of the customer was chosen. High level of service and reliability of the created systems were determining factors in choosing project partners.

In today’s globally competitive and recessionary environment it is imperative that enterprises further eliminate waste, become leaner and more agile to respond to customer’s demand. The main way to realize a profit is to low production costs. Optimization of manufacturing processes, reducing overhead costs associated with the need to keep in stock some supplies of raw materials might help. It is known that in western practice leaders of various levels are provided with reliable and operational information on the current state of affairs in order to optimize costs without risking to break the production process. The automated production management system (MES) solves these tasks which functions include operational planning, reduction of material balances, monitoring, recording and analysis of losses, calculation of reserves and work in progress, as well as tracking the effectiveness of the use of equipment, monitoring its condition.

“We are creating an entirely new production: a fundamentally new engine, new engineering building, new approach to the engine development and production process taking into account modern standards of quality, new methods of production management, – said Victor Kadylkin, CEO of the Yaroslavl Motor Works. – We are striving to achieve European quality of work and any mistake in production costs more than ever before. Thanks to MCIS solution we expect to have rapid, reliable and accurate information at hands on the status of each machine at each site, and here we are completely rely on competence and experience of SITEK Group and Siemens».

Pavel Klepinin, CIO at Yaroslavl Motor Works added: “All machinery for a new engine production at Yaroslavl Motor Works is equipped with Siemens control equipment. À new uniform standard to control the equipment from the chip to a set of commands was agreed to draft with Siemens three years ago. All our machines are designed to meet this standard. It is obvious that MES-system will bring this standard to the level of production management tools and services. The use of machines and tools at our enterprise will become truly centralized, transparent and manageable.”

Avtodizel (Yaroslavl Motor Works) – one of the largest Russian enterprises that specializes on diesel engines of a universal purpose manufacture, couplings and transmissions. The Yaroslavl engines are established on commercial cars, buses, main lorry convoys, career dump-body trucks, air field tractors, combine harvesters, timber carrying vessels, dredges, etc. In 2001 Avtodizel became part of RusPromAvto company transformed later into GAZ Group (parent company).

Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) – a world leader in electronics and electrical engineering. The concern operates in areas such as industry and energy, as well as in healthcare. Moreover Siemens is the world’s largest supplier of environmentally safe technologies. More than 405 000 employees develop and manufacture products, design and build equipment and systems offering tailored solutions for specific customers. More than 160 years Siemens stands for technical progress, innovation, quality, reliability and international cooperation.

SITEK Group is a certified Competence center of MES-systems in mechanical engineering of Siemens and represents its interests in the CIS countries since 2008. SITEK Group supports global improvement by delivering control and visibility in manufacturing. SITEK Group serves 100+ customers in Russia, Europe and CIS delivering hi-tech automation MES-software. Its customers include AVTOVAZ, Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod (ZMZ), Belarusian Autoworks (BELAZ), Minsk Tractor Works, Yaroslavl Motor Works and other.


Source: 24-7pressrelease, December 27, 2010