Norway: Advances in Ultrasonic Cleaning Presented by Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has launched a new range of Unitor Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines. The series, which consists of four choices of cleaning unit capacity, includes some important advanced features, such as an ultrasound sweep function to ensure a uniform distribution of the cleaning function throughout the cleaning bath. The new cleaners are also lighter, easier to service, have a shorter cleaning time and are more robust than any previous ultrasonic cleaners.

The units are available in 76, 165, 208 and 383 litre tank capacity models and are designed to give easy access via the front panel with clear and distinctive controls.

The Ultrasonic Cleaners, which are specially designed for use in the engine room on board ship, are particularly effective for cleaning complex machine parts like injection nozzles, fuel and pump parts, inlet and exhaust valves and surfaces or inner layers that are difficult to reach by normal cleaning methods. The units are also well suited for cleaning of fine mesh fuel and lube oil filters which can be cleaned without damaging the fine filter elements. In addition to improved cleaning performance without damaging the items, this cleaning method also offers reduced manual work and consumption of chemicals. Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies a wide range of environmentally adapted cleaning chemicals, tailor made for use with the Ultrasonic cleaner.

The Ultrasonic Cleaners work by using ultrasonic waves combined with heated water, evenly distributed throughout the cleaning bath thus optimising the cleaning results. A new pulse function has been introduced to provide additional power during difficult cleaning applications. Sweep may also be used to prevent damage to extremely delicate parts or to reduce the effects of standing waves in cleaning tanks.

Heating settings are between 30°C – 80°C with an automatic safety switch-off at 90°C. The units are accessed from on top of the machine via a lid which keeps heat and fumes inside and features a removable basket for easy access to cleaned parts which sit inside it. The unit is delivered complete with bottom drain, lid and stainless steel frame for secure fastening to the floor.

The ultrasonic cleaning unit is waterproof so there is no danger of splashes of liquid ruining the machine. There is easy access for servicing and the generator can be easily changed if necessary.

In addition to Unitor marine products, Wilhelmsen Ships Service also supplies technical services, ships agency services and maritime logistics.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has the world’s largest maritime services network, with the ability to service 2 200 ports in 125 countries. The company’s main focus is to deliver improved vessel operating efficiency to the merchant fleet. In 2009 the company made 208 000 product deliveries to 22 000 vessels and handled 53 000 port calls. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has 4 400 employees operating out of 318 offices in 72 countries .


Source: wilhelmsen, December 28, 2010