VOSTA LMG Has Received Repeat Order from JMI for Second ‘CSD 600 S’ for Delivery to Iraq

VOSTA LMG B.V. has received from Jordan Modern Industries Co. Ltd. (JMI) a repeat order for the delivery of a Dismountable Cutter Suction Dredge, of type ‘CSD 600 S’ to the Iraqi market. The turn key project will be executed by VOSTA LMG in co-operation with its co-maker Vantage in Malaysia.

The new order (BN 1135) is an exact copy of the ‘CSD 600 S’ (BN 1134), for which a contract was signed in May 2010. JMI is VOSTA LMG’s business partner for the Iraqi market.

Dredge specifications:

Length over all (approx.) incl. cutter ladder: 47.00 m

Length over deck incl. spud carrier system: 38.00 m

Breadth over deck (assembled): 10.50 m

Depth pontoon: 2.75 m

Design draught with 45 tons dead-weight (approx.): 1.60 m

Maximum dredging depth: 14.00 m

Suction tube inner diameter: 650 mm

Discharge tube inner diameter: 600 mm

Cutter power: 300 kW

Dredge pump diesel engine power: 1424 kW

Auxiliary diesel engine power: 530 kW


VOSTA LMG is a leading engineering and contracting company, serving the world-wide dredging industry. Apart from self propelled and stationary dredges, the company also markets various dredge component packages and offers engineering and contracting services.

VOSTA LMG operates through a number of offices in Europe, USA and Asia and via a global network of agents and representatives. More information on projects and activities of VOSTA LMG Dredging Technology can be found on the website: www.vostalmg.com.

About Jordan Modern Industries Co. Ltd. (JMI)

Jordan Modern Industries Co. Ltd. (JMI) is a leading company in heavy machinery supplies to the Middle East Region and succeeded in entering wide range of cutter suction dredgers into the Iraqi Market that helped in protecting the Aquatic Environment of the rivers in Iraq which were neglected during the past decades.